A recommendation for those looking at investing in UAE

Investing money is something that we do to obtain a lucrative return. The first time investment is a big step. In this article, our experts offer the right recommendation for those looking at investing in UAE.

What people mainly choose for investment?

Most people choose to invest in various assets, shares, bonds, property, collectibles, commodities, trade, retail, manufacturing, tourism, logistics services, or keeping cash in a bank account to get a fixed return.

In case you are new to investing, then don’t forget to ask yourself some important questions such as:

  • Why you are investing in?
  • What’s your goal?
  • Which market is best for investment?
  • How much money you can invest in?
  • What is your risk-taking capacity?

The bottom line is that you should do your homework before making any investment decisions.

Why you should choose the UAE for investing in Business?        

From an area of small desert to a high-tech country with high living standards, the UAE has gone through a significant transformation. The UAE government has business-friendly policies for local as well as foreign investors, a high budget for job creation, infrastructure development, and private sector contribution. Also, corporate tax, withholding tax, personal income tax, capital gain tax, and value-added tax are not federally relevant in the UAE.

Foreign investors can easily set up a company with complete ownership without local sponsors in a free zone of UAE. The free zones offer 100% business ownership with zero percent private or public taxes, which is responsible for huge foreign investment in the UAE.

What are some important aspects to consider when chose to invest in the UAE?

  • What are the best investment options for a local or foreign investor?
  • What are the rules and regulations for foreign investment?
  • What kind of securities and protection available for foreign investors?
  • Are you eligible for any government incentives?
  • How good is the UAE’s economy at the moment?
  • What is the political stability in the country?
  • What about the stability of currency in the country?
  • How useful the UAE’s financial and banking system is?

Here are some more important recommendation for those looking at investing in UAE

What are the types of business set-up options available in UAE?

Offshore, Free zone, and onshore options are available to setup business in UAE.

Do you need a local sponsor to setup a business in UAE?

There’s no need of a local sponsor to setup a company in UAE’s free zones, just you have to offer a 51% share of the company to your local partner, while local sponsors are required to setup an onshore business.

What are the visa requirements?

To operate an onshore business you must provide your visa along with the visas of staff. The authorities must be aware of your firm activities, partners, and staff. To operate in free zones, you must require a residence visa which is valid up to three years for employment and investment purpose.

What are the license requirements?

There are various categories of licenses required to trade-in UAE such as a freelance license permit, commercial license, professional license, tourism license, and industrial license. You should apply for a license according to your business activities.

What is the cost to set up a company in UAE?

Cost of setting up a company in free zone area includes one-time charges for company registration, a one-time charge for reserving company name, and a yearly charge for a business license, company premises, and visa applications.

Cost of setting up a company in mainland area includes trade license charges, notary charges, government approval charges, legal translations charges, document submissions charges, company inspection charges, and much more.

That’s why considering cost and other perks involved, the investors choose free zones to setup a new business or open a company’s branch.

How you can invest sensibly in the UAE?

Investors get lots of options to invest money in the UAE.  It’s good to conduct deep market research or hire an expert investment advisor or business consultant who can review your ideas and offers you the right advice accordingly.  This is the right way to gain maximum from your investment portfolio.

How PMC Solutions FZCO Can Assist You?

PMC Solutions FZCO professional has been helping investors from all over the world to establish businesses in UAE, no matter what the location is (free zone, onshore, and offshore) or what type of business you operate. We have years of experience to guide you throughout the complexity of the business setup process and make it profitable with time.             

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