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Freelance Visa Dubai, UAE

As the dynamics of the business world are evolving, freelancing is becoming a feasible alternative to earn solid income.

Life is evolving faster than ever in the modern world. Now such a mode of work, as free-lance is becoming ever more popular.

Flexibility, the ability to handle your own working time and resources independently, the ability to act on your own behalf, flexibility and freedom in choosing a lifestyle, the potential for temporary work and managing your own free time attract many talented and committed people from around the world.

Millions of freelancers have now registered on common websites such as,, and; this is a competitive market where success is measured by freelancers’ skills, expertise, and credibility based on client reviews.

Given Dubai’s popularity and prospects as a place with excellent business development opportunities, ambitious and successful foreigners frequently come to the conclusion that they should consider obtaining a freelancer visa.

Many expats in the UAE still hesitate to go freelancing, given the advantages of becoming their own boss.

You need both a residency visa and a work permit to work in the UAE, whether as a freelancer or otherwise. A self-employed visa gives you the freedom to work as an independent specialist, such as a consultant if you have the correct licensing status.

One way to become a freelancer is by applying for a freelance license and a free zone residency visa.

To receive a freelance residency permit in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman or Sharjah, you must be legally licensed as a freelancer in one of the free zones.

The free zones that currently offering a freelance license include Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Design District, Abu Dhabi’s twofour54 and Fujairah Creative City RAKZE and Ajman Freezone.

Note that the operation of the free zone will need to be relevant to your occupation. You have the right to operate lawfully as an independent specialist, such as a consultant, if you have the required licensing status.

However, the distinction between part-time employment and freelancing is significant. Freelancing is working for yourself, where you are essentially a company made up of one person, which is perfectly legal as long as you are allowed to do so.

Freelancing as an autonomous individual is allowed in many free zones. In order to be able to operate as an independent self-employed professional, you would need a suitable license in Dubai, as well as in the case of registering a company in one of the free zones.

You need to select one of the jurisdictions (one of the free zones or the mainland) to start a freelance company, choose a field of operation, collect a set of documents, pay a fixed fee and obtain a license.

If you want to start your own company, or if you want to work from home, try to get a UAE freelance license and start independently. This is a perfect choice for those who want to venture out at low cost on their own. You can work from home with your own freelance license and residence visa in the UAE.

You can take advantage of the attractive economic benefits of 0 percent corporate and income tax, 100 percent company ownership and completely waived licensing and registration fees.

Be a freelancer today and acquire the capacity to invent, collaborate and build.

Our experienced consulting team is available to help you set up your company and find the ideal office and detailed solutions according to your needs Our team of business specialists will support you with any practical aspect of setting up your freelance business and getting your freelance work permit.

Interested? Reach out our startup setup consultants today and make way in the freelancing world.

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