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Now is the time to start a home-based business in Dubai, UAE

UAE has always been the territory of new opportunities, the Mecca for private enterprise.

Many businesses are running successfully across the UAE, offering financial security and employment to thousands of citizens.

The government supporting laws and trade environments are effectual for growing start-ups.

As we all are facing turbulent times, where the future looks ambiguous, it made us realize what we truly want from our life.


How the UAE is favorable for New Business Setups?

The UAE administration has taken major steps to set up solid nitty-gritty for the start-up network with new regulatory structures, improved administration support, additional project assets investment, and banking affiliation.

Dubai is aiming to be the leading e-commerce center, thus introduced new policies and initiatives to advance economic activity.

One such policy has been the Instant Trade License that offers commercial and certified business licenses within five minutes.


Let’s talk about business ideas. 

Picking the route of entrepreneurship and searching for good business ideas, is undoubtedly riskier than being comfortable with fixed-job.

It needs more dedication and sacrifice. On the other hand, once you will enjoy being your boss and getting more money with your activities, you will realize the real meaning of setting up your own business.


Why you should start a home-based business in Dubai?

Starting your home-based business gives you flexibility, reduce cost, and complex process to lease or buy workplace and depot space in Dubai.

Though working at home needs self-control, the payback can be substantial, particularly in the establishing year.


Here are some benefits to run your own home-based business:

  • You are the leader.
  • You receive all the perks of your hard work.
  • You enjoy the flexibility to work at any time, anywhere.
  • You pick your consumers and clientele.
  • You decide the resources, funds, and kind of schedule to meet your goal.

Which kind of business you can start from home?

Choices are endless such as Planning Online Store, Online Marketing firm, Virtual Assistance group, Food Delivery, Beauty, Health or Electronic equipment selling venture, Senior Care Group, Home Cleaning Company, Travel Planning Business, House Inspection Company, Massage Therapy Center, Tax Assessment Company, Bookkeeping Business and so on.

All these home trades are enclosed under the lively and responsive segment of UAE businesses. 

Get in touch with PMC Solutions FZCO advisors to know the right home-based business activities that meet your money-making goal.


How to establish a home-based business in Dubai, UAE?

Starting a home-based business is easier when you work with PMC Solutions FZCO business consultant. However, you can follow these important steps and start your journey:

  • First, choose your business activity. Pick the one mentioned in the official DED (Department of Economic Development) directory.
  • Next, select your business name. Ensure you follow all naming rules mentioned in the UAE protocols.
  • Now, it’s time to select either to set up in the mainland or a free zone. Usually, the free zone business setup is the most lucrative and beneficial approach. Many free zones in the UAE have advantages like fast and simple incorporation procedure, constant business support along with tax exemptions and zero currency limitations.


Is it the right time to start Home-Base Business in Dubai, UAE?

There is a growing demand in some business sectors such as food, health, retail, e-commerce, property, travel, tourism, and transportation. You can aim for their development and supply chains to meet the industry demand.

Take advantage of

  • Low business registering cost, as many charges are waived off for new ventures.
  • Competitive online promotion costs as many platforms declined advertising rates and you can get more traffic tuned in towards your business.
  • Talent is in large quantity due to the Covid-19 crisis. You could hire a talented employee for customer support, IT services, and freelancing work at a low price and high-quality assurance.

So, this is the perfect time to start your business in Dubai, UAE.


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