Branch Office in UAE

Process of Setting up a Branch Office in Dubai

The UAE government offers simple and quick way to set up branch offices in the UAE.

If you’re planning to establish a branch office in Dubai, we’ve identified steps to follow for your convenience.

Step 1: Appoint a Business Consultant

The very first thing is to find and assign a local consultancy whose role will be limited to administrative tasks such as licensing, registration, visas, etc in return for a service fee and a contract.
The consultant will not be a part of the management nor does it have any company ownership.

Step 2: Reservation of trade name and preliminary permission

In order to register the trade name, the consultant will go to the Department of Economic Development (DED) and then submit for preliminary authorization from the Ministry of Economy to set up a branch in Dubai.

Step 3: Filing of Application

Application for Ministry of Economy will be submitted after initial approval and the application form should include full details of international parent company such as share capital, operations, corporate office, summary of projected operations to be undertaken by branch office and name of prospective general manager in Dubai.

The files with the application form to be submitted are:
– Certificate of trade name reservation and initial approval
– Company documents such as MOA (Memorandum of Association), AOA (Articles of Association) COI (Certificate of Incorporation) and Certificate of Good Standing.
– Parent company’s management board resolution for establishing the branch office in Dubai
– Power of attorney for General Manager in Dubai
– General Manager’s passport copy
– Audited financial statements of parent company’s for the last two years
– Statement issued by parent company stating its major operations and trade activities and also the activities which will be carried out in Dubai
– Notarized agreement with local services agent and his identification documents copy (if LSA is a company then company’s corporate documents)

Step 4: Get Approval from Ministry Of Economy and Federal Foreign Companies Committee

The Ministry of Economy shall give its own authorization and additional documents (hard copy) to be submitted shall be,
Application form
COI of parent company
MOE initial approval
Certificate of local bank deposit
The Ministry of Economy will forward the request to the Committee of Federal Foreign Companies with a notice that the branch office in Dubai will be allowed to conduct specific activities.

Step 5: Get License by Department of Economic Development

Once the Federal Foreign Companies Committee’s permission is received, the petitioner must send another request to DED requesting different documents submitted to MOE, with the inclusion of the proposed branch office address in Dubai.

The application must include
– MOE approval as well as other authorities ‘ approvals in this context
– Copy of proposed lease in Dubai
– Copies of documents that were submitted to MOE in Step 3
– Undertaking of parent company
– Letter from UAE Auditor confirming his appointment and with the summary of parent company’s financial statements for two years.
– After successful submission, DED will issue commercial license to branch office which will be valid for one year and renewable annually. Now there is a new law in Dubai that upon special request, 4 year license may also be obtained.

Step 6: Completing Administrative Tasks

After license issuance, the branch office can proceed to carry out administrative tasks such as creation of bank accounts, acquiring visas and labor cards for its employees etc.

Step 7: Registration with Commercial Authorities

After the successful completion of documentation work and licensing so that you have everything at hand, branch office can register itself with commercial authorities and it is entered in the register of Ministry of Economy and Commerce. Lastly branch office is registered at Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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