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Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park

In 2016, Royal Highness, Sheikh Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi (Ruler of Sharjah), established “The Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation (SRTIP) Park” in Sharjah, UAE.  The SRTIP is a free trade zone in UAE open for all investors around the world.

What’s the aim of Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park?

The Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park was established with the aim to encourage the association between the private business, government, and educational institutes.

This park aims to offer an atmosphere favorable to creativeness and modernization by top-notch infrastructure and high-tech services. SRTIP will help, endorse, and develop an innovative system that will boost the global ranking of Sharjah and make it a leading hub in the research and technology field.

What’s the reason behind the success of Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park?

The third-largest city of UAE, Sharjah is well-known for ethnicity and education. The city is perfectly located to be a global leader in technological advancement and entrepreneurship.

The park is built nearby to American University of Sharjah campus, which helps in encouraging research, development, and innovative businesses to set up in the free zone. It fosters talents and supports a community of compatible citizens from more than 150 top educational institutions, firms, and start-ups who unite, work, and flourish in the park.

Which are the verticals SRTI Park mainly focuses on?

  • Digitalization
  • Water technology
  • Environmental technology
  • Design and architecture
  • Transport and logistics
  • Renewable technology and production

What facilities Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park offers to the investors?

SRTI Park Phase 1 includes three interconnected buildings with 60,000 square feet area. It comprises of the laboratories, head offices, innovation center, and wide range of SME’s, Startups, and newscaster firms, which are working on innovation, research, and development project.

Let’s discuss some facilities offered by SRTI Park to the investors:


SRTIP offers customizable workplace options such as Flexi desks, serviced executive workplace, shared workstation, and shell and core entity to all businesses.


Dedicated laboratories are available at SRTI Park for different industrial and educational segments that include technology, health, substance, etc. It also offers houses testing services to the industries for doing research and development work.

Rental land

Rental lands are available inside SRTI Park to construct their own workplaces, schools, labs, research, and development unit, retail outlets, and testing units.

Trade Space

SRTI Park has huge trade space for food and beverage services. It offers shopping and entertainment zone for the employees, students, and guests to spend free time.

Innovation Center and More Business Facilities

It has big innovation centers, which can be used by collaborating with the authority of Park. The park also offers meeting rooms, halls, informal gathering areas, and workplace lodging with high global standards.

What are the benefits of setting up a business in SRTIP Free Trade Zones?

  • The fast and simple business setup process
  • 100% Company Ownership to the foreigners
  • Easy Licensing and Rental Space
  • No personal and Corporate Taxes
  • Easy access to hiring skilled people from the UAE Universities.
  • No Import/Export Charges
  • Ease of access to a home, district and global markets
  • Liberty to repatriate resources and income

What is the process of setting up a business in SRTI Park?

  • Submitting Applications and Business Documents to Government Authority.
  • Registering Business and getting a trade license (based on business activity).
  • Paying the required charges and getting approval from all legal authorities.

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