Business Setup in Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai, UAE

Whatever your reason for starting a business, any potential business plan demands deep research, great idea, and comprehensive groundwork.

You need to consider lots of factors, starting from an exceptional idea of registering a firm to fundraising and other setup arrangements, the whole process appears overwhelming and complex.

That’s why here we have compiled the essential steps for you to start a business without much complication.

Why Dubai is the first choice for Locals and Foreigners to Start a Business?

Unsurprisingly the UAE is one of the most attractive places in the world to establish a business, especially, Dubai that has changed from a pretty small desert town into a real mega-city with the tallest structure on the globe, a palm-shaped artificial island, amazing hotels, business parks and top-notch infrastructure with a never-ending thirst for even more better things!

Dubai offers easy access to transportation, flights, travel, commodities, and an abundance of talent to hire.  An open marketplace and exceptional tax incentives for locals and foreign investors strengthen Dubai’s reputation as an economic hub.

Where to start a Business in Dubai, UAE?                                                  

There is mainland, onshore and offshore options available to start a business in Dubai.

However, free zones are popular choices among foreign entrepreneurs due to the incentives these zones offer such as no private and corporation tax, complete foreign ownership, complete repatriation of assets and profits, no restrictions on currency, profit transfer facility to other country and complete import and export tax freedom.

Even outside of the free zone, foreign entrepreneurs can start a business by taking a local sponsor help (either individuals or local businesses) and providing them a business share up to 51%.

Remember, virtual companies are not permitted to register in Dubai. Any business executing commercial activities must have a substantial location in the emirate.

Now it’s time to learn the process to start a business in Dubai, UAE

  1. The initial step is to choose your business activity according to the standards set by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

2. The next step is obtaining the license for your business such as:

  • Commercial license: For the investors looking to have a trading business.
  • Professional license: For an individual or group providing services to the common public.
  • Industrial license: For manufacturing and other industrial activities.
  1. Choose a trading name for your business, which must be accepted and reserved by the DED.

4. Choose the right jurisdiction such as the mainland, free zone, and offshore based on your business activities.

Remember, to start a business in the Mainland, you need to have a local sponsor, however, in free zones; a business would need a local service agent.

5. Choose the right shareholding structures such as LLC, General Partnership, Public or Private Shareholding, Sole Proprietorship, Delegate Offices, Joint Venture, or SME.

Now you need to get approvals from internal and external regulatory authorities working in Dubai.  

  1. Lease a business premise as it is compulsory for every business setup in Dubai. The lease agreement, EJARI, and RERA documents have to be submitted to the DED for approval.

For all projected official representative, director, shareholder, manager needs to show some documents for pre-approval:

  • KYC (Know Your Client) application
  • NOC letter from all sponsors
  • Passport and ID of Emirate
  • Permanent residential address proof
  1. Not forget drafting the MOA and LSA for your trade. The MOA denotes the share of restrictions and liberty every shareholder has within the business, while the LSA refers to the agent role and meet the compliance terms.

Make this process easy with a business consultant

After evaluating all the terms and conditions, you are now aware that the business setup is an extensive process!

Any type of error when registering a business will cause loss of time and funds, thus hiring professionals are essential.  They offer a fast and cost-effective approach to start a business in Dubai, UAE.

PMC Solutions FZCO consulting team will help you prepare the required documents, obtaining the internal and external permits from regulatory authorities, and make other arrangements that will simplify the whole process to set up a new company in Dubai, UAE.

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