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Top Business Opportunities in Dubai

If you have made a mind to invest in Dubai then you must be aware of the best marketplace to invest in. Through this blog, we will discuss the top business opportunities available in Dubai.  

Dubai stands promisingly among the list of most desired business-friendly destinations in the whole world. There is always a reason behind the success and Dubai is non-exceptional.  

Why Dubai is the preferred location to start a new business or setup a company branch?

  • Dubai offers an excess of business sites that ranges from the mainland to free zones.
  • The government guidelines and the high-tech infrastructures, support the expansion of small and big companies around the UAE.
  • Top Business Opportunities in Dubai are open to UAE locals and foreign investors equally.  
  • There are free zones in Dubai that offer exempt from various custom duties and value-added taxes on import and export of goods, moving currency from one state to another, and offer 100% company ownership to the foreign investor.
  • The tax-free approach is favorable for new and rising businesses.
  • Also, Dubai offers a simple and timely process to set up a new business or open a company branch. With uncomplicated and advanced policies by the government, Dubai guarantees high returns and  long-term profit to the investors:

You can read our blogs to know more reasons for the advantage of setting up a business in Dubai.

What are the top business opportunities in Dubai? 

Ecommerce Business

The online shopping trend is growing at an inevitable rate due to the large use of mobile devices by Dubai citizens. Consumer’s requirements nowadays starting from lifestyle to electronic devices, food, fashion to smart learning, everything is fulfilled under the roof of the ecommerce platform. Ecommerce makes life convenient and enhance the standard of living.

So ecommerce business opportunities are growing rapidly and if you will march with the latest trends, you will get success in a short time.

Diamond Business

Due to the low tax environment and exclusive range, Dubai exports its jewelry to more than 200 countries around the world.  The diamond trade is being disrupted by novelty all over the world, except in Dubai. The country is continuously pushing the technical limitations in the Diamond industry and become a hub for diamond trade. Recently DMCC (the recognized Free Zone of Dubai) launched its new discount campaign in which the new diamond-related business set-up will get a 50 percent discount on setting up operations in Dubai. This reduced price will be valid up to 30 September 2020. Also, DMCC is offering a free 12-month membership in the Dubai Diamond Exchange. So it’s the right time to grab new opportunities and setup a diamond business in Dubai.

Spa Business

It is renowned that Dubai is one of the best tourist hubs that attract millions of people every year and spas are the first choice for visitors to look well-groomed and have relaxation throughout the trip. Also, the high living standard and the corporate lifestyle, make the spa business booming in Dubai.

The spa business can be pretty profitable for skilled professionals who know the right way to make someone feel special every day. Spas offer ranges of services, most of which get repeat customers weekly. It will be highly profitable to setup a spa business in Dubai as you won’t find lack of customers in your center.

Information & Technology Business

Dubai has the goal to become the high-tech city of the world by 2021. The Dubai government set itself as a global attraction for tech-based business opportunities. Information technology plays an important role in the company’s daily operation and success. Starting from business online presence to record transactions, maintaining employee and clientele data, conducting research, the role of IT firms are valuable. It helps businesses to streamline communication, be more productive, improve performance, client experience, and improve administrative decision-making. With more advancement in technology, things are getting easier and new business opportunities in the Information and Technology sectors are rising.

Construction or Real Estate Business

The factor that considerably increases the construction business in Dubai is the arrival of foreign investors for the business. Investors from all over the world are looking for residences in Dubai that directly increase the investment in the construction sector. The boom of development in Dubai is not showing any signs to slow down. Whether you start a residential or commercial construction business in Dubai, you will gain profit.

What are the other Business Opportunities in Dubai?

Dubai offers a friendly environment for more business opportunities in other sectors as well such as trading, tourism, logistics, Event firm, restaurant, transport, health and wellbeing, daycare services, hotels, freight and cargo, cleaning services, and much more. Choose the one that suits you best.

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