Economic Substance Legislation

Why Impose Economic Substance?

Why Impose Economic Substance?

Intending to address issues of companies allegedly making big revenue and having small foundation in little or no tax jurisdiction, the EU (European Union) has launched economic substance regulations.

Consequently, many global financial centers have set up their substance regulations.

What do you mean by economic substance?

Economic substance illustrates the financial truth of a commercial organization that has been imposed due to global tax optimization causes. It is a set of guidelines in the tax law wherein entities must have a considerable idea aside from decreasing tax accountability along with an economic consequence aside from the tax consequence, in order to be considered legal.

What’s the main objective behind EU’s initiative?

It’s quite simple: to boost the tax base by cutting down the capability of movable organizations to evade tax through employing shell firms and new units in offshore economic centers.

The new regulation helps assess:

  • Tax precision
  • Reasonable taxation
  • Anti-BEPS process execution

Why UAE has initiated Economic Substance Regulations?

Being an associate member of the comprehensive structure on BEPS, the UAE is committed to apply their least standards. Moreover, the UAE is on the grey list of the European Union, after getting detached from the blacklist, it becomes their responsibility to oblige EU’s rule and implement BEPS related process in the country.

The Economic Substance Regulations in the UAE become effective from April 2019. It recommends any business firms, onshore and free zone corporations that execute any of the related activities such as banking, real estate, rental, finance, insurance, shipping, fund supervision, head office, holding unit, distribution and support hub must have their economic presence in the UAE corresponding to the activities they commence.

According to the ESR, all entities in the UAE falling under the extent of the rules must inform the related regulatory authority about their relevant business activities. In case, any entity fail to do so, will need to bear fine up to AED 50, 000 ($13,600) or more.

Why it’s important to impose Economic Substance regulations?

The UAE initiated VAT along with an excise tax official for certain goods in 2018. Thus the country doesn’t fall under tax free jurisdiction. Oil firms and foreign banks are levied by commercial taxes in the UAE. The Ministry of Economy in the country is reviewing the common federal business income tax outcome.

On the other hand, contrary to other jurisdictions, the UAE doesn’t have universally applicable tax on company’s profit and it has a low tax setting for most businesses.

Through monetary simplicity and regulation being an international priority, global financial group (OECD) supported improved inclusive co-ordination on tax rules and actions to deal with tax evasion, with the intention that companies cannot earn profits from dissimilarities in tax regulations around the globe.

What PMC Solutions FZCO Offers You?

  • Consulting on Economic Substance Regulation
  • Recognizing the eligible business for ESR compliances
  • Details and guidance on complete ESR inclination by the unit
  • Current ESR agreement
  • Bookkeeping services along with ESR record protection
  • ESR application filing with the regulatory authorities in the correct format

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